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April Vol 2 Issue 10 2018

This week:


Q: How do I know if I’m dealing with a solar expert?

Q: How do I know if I’m dealing with a solar expert?

Q: My friend has a 6.5 kVA inverter - will my 5 kW inverter have the same power?

Q: My mate got a 2 kW inverter and it works for him, but I bought the same unit from the same place and it keeps tripping!

Q: I have a 12 volt 102 Amp hour battery. I am drawing 1 amp 230 volts. How long will the battery supply power?

March Vol 2 Issue 9 2018

This week:

PWM and MPPT charge controllers:

SOLAR PANELS are designed to produce power from the sun.

The BATTERY is a charge and discharge energy storage device. The SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLER is the essential link between the two.

March Vol 2 Issue 8 2018

This week:

How a SOLAR ELECTRIC geyser can save you BIG BUCKS



February Vol 2 Issue 7 2018

THE RISING COST OF utility supply is draining our educational facility coffers to such an extent that schools/ varsities rely more and more on parental co-funding.

This is especially true for South African schools and universities already reeling from under funding where “Free Education” is handed out like sweets in a packet to keep the corrupt in power with scant regard to the inability of the man in the street to pay the extra taxes for this to materialise.


February Vol 2 Issue 6 2018

This week:

Solar panel electric geysers are now available!

Cheric Energy have just recently installed an electric solar geyser system in a house in the Midlands of KZN.AND THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF IT ON THE ROOF…APART FROM SOLAR PANELS for this installation!

January Vol 2 Issue 5 2018

This week:

  • We discuss its prime ATTRIBUTES and  APPLICATIONS    
  • Why it’s the ONLY equipment we will install

January Vol 2 Issue 4 2018

This Week:

  • Breaking news:Carbon Tax rears its expensive head
  • Questions we cannot answer
  • How to work out your loads or kWh demand and minimum inverter size. Now we can answer your question

January Vol 2 Issue 3 2018

Pump Water for FREE / Reduce your power bills without reducing your power consumption

This week, we tell you how to pump water for FREE!

Slash your power bill without cutting back on power use!

So…..Enter the following…

Grid Tied Islanded System…

Now you can’t get better than that. Total freedom from GRID power.

January Vol 2 Issue 2 2018

What is Solar Power and HOW is it used?

Home and business power:

Off Grid:

Camping Power:

Solar electric geyser:

January Vol 2 Issue 1 2018

What IS solar power – What does it DO?

Right – Solar power is just that, its electricity generated by the sunlight striking a Solar Panel, and agitating photons to produce DC electrical power. Solar panels today although only between 17 and 21% efficient, are very effective at doing this.

There are a number of ways of harnessing this power, all different but with the exact same purpose- to generate useful 220 Volt AC power.

Let’s look at the various options here and over the next few weeks we will describe each option in greater detail:

Standby Power Supply / Solar Assisted Standby power / OFF GRID POWER

December Vol 1 Issue 5 2017

The heart of a Solar Power System

We summarise the last few letters by discussing Solar Power’s single biggest challenge. We have been concentrating again and again on BATTERIES.
These are the most important items of your installation. Any fool can put up a couple of Solar Panels and an inverter, a charge controller and a battery or two or three….And then cry out “ solar power is a waste of money!” And we will most probably agree (with experience).

December Vol 1 Issue 4 2017

What?! Lithium is TWICE the price HOW can it be half the cost? I know my mathematics! Who is fooling Who?

In our last week’s newsletter, we discussed lead acid batteries...remember—we told you the battery decays a bit with EVERY recharge, and in any event, its worn out after 5 years.

Lithium batteries are becoming well known in solar powered installations these days. And with good reason.

Lithium batteries are indifferent to recharge decay.

December Vol 1 Issue 3 2017 



A battery is simply a block of energy. No matter how much energy it stores, it gets depleted.  

Here we are going to explain basic Lead/Acid Battery Good Practice.

A good battery pack is probably the most expensive part of your solar power system. It should be regarded as the most important component. Without the battery energy, you will sit in the dark.

Here we go:Size your battery correctly: Batteries come in all shapes sizes and energy densities. Coupling the same size batteries together in series or parallel gives you more power or greater voltage respectively. An honest installer will advise on the correct combination to use. Do heed his advice!

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November 2017 Newsletter

Vol 1, issue 2


LITHIUM batteries are set to shake the solar power storage problem head-on all over the world

Lithium is 3 times more power dense than Lead Acid and has a 10 year warranty, 20 year life expectancy

It’s pretty simple these days to generate a load of power from a solar panel array on your roof. It just happens—at least 300 days of the year—every year. Every living growing thing generates energy from the sun—every day.


October 2017 Newsletter

Vol1, issue 1

The runaway Eskom machine and municipalities that have  ”Lost the Plot”

Standby systems hardwired into the building's wiring systems instantly come on line the moment the power grid fails.


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