Cheric Energy Services

Cheric Energy will install all solar components for off-grid or standby power; we are Mirocare and Solar MD accredited distributors AND installers for the whole of KZN,  We also supply and install generators, solar-electric geysers, gas water heatres, borehole pumps, biogas digesters, wood gas reactors, water-feature pumps, customised ram pumps, off-grid or on-grid electric fencing, electric gates, LED lighting,and more. Cheric Energy is a supplier of LP gas and biogas geysers.

We are a one stop shop that is passionate about the environment and saving the consumer their hard earned money.

Backup Energy Solutions

Solar and wind energy for backup power or off-grid use. Installation maintenance and repairs. Cheric Energy can supply full solar powered energy for marine, home, office, warehouse and workshop. Cheric Energy systems can also be used in "power saving mode" which uses a fraction of your Eskom utility power and the majority of the power comes from the battery installation.

Off-Grid Power Solutions

There is no greater feeling than self-sufficiency, and Cheric Energy can help get you there. Just imagine your savings and so much less stress when the grid goes down. Cheric Energy has a range of products with long track records of service from gensets to solar. Cheric Energy can guide you on your choice, to suit your pocket or requirements. Cheric Energy suppliers include the likes of Sunsynk, Microcare, SolarMD and RenewSys amongst others. Solar energy, wind energy and biomass energy are our cornerstone services. Check out our Plug and Play products.

Solar Panel Solutions

Cheric Energy steers clear of Chinese units, as quality control is an issue we have dealt with in the past, with no recourse. Cheric Energy uses panels manufactured entirely in India, where each individual panel comes with a testing certificate and is guaranteed quality for 10 years and 80% energy efficiency in 25 years. They meet (and exceed) IEE regulatory specs and the same with EU standards. They are hail and storm-resistant and are encapsulated with a very effective water ingression resistant film (which does not yellow with time, thereby reducing efficiency).

Generator Power Solutions

Generator power for heavy power draw – offices and industry. Petrol and diesel models. Installation maintenance and repairs. Although we do not stock these units we do have preferential supply agreements in place with various manufacturers and Cheric Energy is able to give good value for money. Cheric Energy can install build housings and maintain and repair most generators.

LED Lighting Solutions

Lighting in your home, office, marine, workshop or warehouse should be the first thing you consider to decrease your costs. Use LED technology.

Battery Solutions

We prefer to offer the lithium technology to those who want a very long lifespan on battery reserves such as high-end homes and critical installations. We offer lead acid batteries for portable, low-cost, and lower-end housing markets. These batteries are covered by the manufacturer warranty and as we install we set the solar equipment to utilise these batteries in a way that does not damage them unduly. 

Inverter Solutions

We offer; MODIFIED SINEWAVE units for use as a basic power supply for lights and fans etcetera. This is raw power, as the AC waveform is generated as a series of pulses and some devices do not function well on this type of inverter. It is the cheapest of the inverters. FULL SINEWAVE units for full all types of use as the sine-wave is created as a smooth transition throughout the sinewave. These units produce extremely smooth power making for a very long life expectancy of lamps and appliances. GRID TIED inverters for high daytime demand and no night time demand. These can be used also in the micro-generation to the grid if applicable in your area for resale or credit.

Biogas Digester Solutions

Biogas digesters designed and manufactured to your particular requirements will ensure a steady supply of biogas safely and efficiently. Cheric Energy produces digesters and storage vessels from HDPE and LDPE for a maximum lifespan of the systems. Your biogas installation will, in association with a good solar system will ensure absolute freedom from outside energy sources. All pipes and fittings are welded to ensure zero leakage of valuable gas. Cheric Energy does not use threaded pipe connections and couplings but use welded construction throughout. Cheric energy also supplies LP gas or biogas geysers.

Wood Gas Reactor (Gasifiers) Solutions

Cheric Energy can custom-build your wood gas reactor to suit your requirements. Our wood gas generator design uses stainless steel and high-temperature ceramic components, and we truly believe it is far more efficient than fossil fuel despite the 70% power reduction, in that it can produce hot air as well as very hot water in a single unit.

Security and Perimeter Fencing Solutions

Cheric Energy installs high-quality stainless steel electrical fencing; electrified gates and other access control. All these items can be powered either by solar, grid or combination from small to larger projects.

General Maintenance Solutions

Cheric Energy offers installations, maintenance, and repair of existing solar or electrical installations and generator repairs.

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