Vol 2 Issue 7 February 2018

THE RISING COST OF utility supply is draining our educational facility coffers to such an extent that schools/ varsities rely more and more on parental co-funding.

This is especially true for South African schools and universities already reeling from under funding where “Free Education” is handed out like sweets in a packet to keep the corrupt in power with scant regard to the inability of the man in the street to pay the extra taxes for this to materialise.


ZERO ENERGY schools and universities are all the rage overseas, with intense reliance on renewable energy technology like “Grid-Tied” solar power to share the major loads in the day time of air conditioning buildings and other power hungry circuits.

They are creating generations of energy wise students who realise that there is a whole new dimension to learn and study. The fact is - they can see the renewable energy at work, and are stimulated by its possibilities. IN ANYONE’S DICTIONARY, THIS IS A POSITIVE STIMULATION…

BUT LET’S TALK ABOUT SAVINGS. Grid-Tied Solar power can generate just about all the power a school or university would use. It can do this with immense savings, whilst requiring only periodic maintenance, costing very little compared to utility cost. THE SAVINGS generated by this power will cover a huge portion of the budget deficit, making more bang for the institution’s spending power.

The time has never been better for saving on power. Eskom is in REAL trouble, price increases in the higher double digits are very likely, and are going to hurt every one of us. Income tax is climbing, VAT has increased, Fuel Levy, Transport costs are increasing, and OUR budgets are getting smaller by the day.

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Next week:

How a SOLAR ELECTRIC geyser can save you BIG BUCKS

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