Solar Energy

What is Solar Energy?

Firstly we must define the term “Solar Energy”:

SOLAR - meaning the SUN and its abundant and dangerous elements of light, heat and radiation it provides.

Energy – meaning capability of WORK being done in a particular scenario.

“Solar Energy” is thus sun-powered work capability.

We harvest energy from the sun (as does every living thing on this planet) in order to survive.

Energy wise we harvest the sun's warmth to heat water and this uses the sun’s heat in the form of radiation.

Electricity uses solar panels to harvest the sunlight and radiation to create electricity from this radiation.

Pros of Solar Energy

  • Solar energy costs nothing – it’s there and it will always be there. It’s getting more powerful and dangerous to our lives due to “Ozone Depletion” being caused by the earth’s most destructive element- MANKIND!

  • Solar energy is useful in heating and electricity in unlimited amounts. But learning to harvest this free abundance is another issue.

  • SOLAR ENERGY is the very cleanest most un-destructible energy source mankind can use. Solar farms are springing up all over the world in large numbers. They harvest the sunlight and produce many millions of watts of electricity – WITHOUT contaminating a single living thing on earth.

Cons of Solar Energy

  • Solar energy is currently only available in the daytime hours. It also needs to be stored for later utilisation. Millions of people are exploring the possibilities of harvesting the invisible radiation of the night to create energy- With little success.

Our Solar Energy Options

Cheric Energy specialises in solar energy and can offer a wide range of solar power generated by solar panels. Our panels are of excellent quality and can sustain output for periods in excess of 25 years- at 25 years; they will still be producing 80% of their original capability.

Coupled to our various appliances and devices, you can look forward to many years of efficient, reliable, comfortable, clean and non-destructive power and light.

And you won’t be seeing another electricity account anytime soon.

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