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In our store, you will find information on our products and prices on batteries, lithium batteries, biodigesters, wood gas, generators, solar panels, solar electric geysers, inverters, LED lighting and solar equipment for sale.


We at Cheric Energy have formed associations based on trust and service commitment with key suppliers. Microcare SOLAR products are without a doubt the very best in South Africa. Their products are built by South Africans for South African conditions. The experienced field technical staff is available and we are proud to be one of these. Microcare has listed us as their chosen technical support in KwaZulu-Natal

About Microcare products



We at Cheric Energy have formed association with SOLARMD another key supplier. SolarMD lithium batteries without a doubt the very best and very reasonably priced in South Africa. We work closely with SolarMD on what our requirements are for each project and the batteries are then only built when those requirements are made clear to SolarMD's production team. We are SOLARMD's distributors for the whole of KZN.

About lithium technology


First National Battery

Cheric Energy is proudly offering the following "FIRST NATIONAL BATTERY" - batteries for solar and backup power. These batteries are well proven and are South African products. FIRST NATIONAL BATTERY was established in South Africa in 1931 and has grown into the major supplier it is today through dedication and superb reliability that few can compete with. 

RenewSys World

Cheric Energy recommends RenewSys solar panels on every one of our projects. With each panel having a 25-year limited power output warranty and 10-year product warranty and able to withstand hazardous South African conditions, we are confident of our installations for our clients



Biogas digesters designed and manufactured to your particular biogas requirement's will ensure a steady supply of biogas safely and efficiently.Cheric Energy produces digesters and storage vessels from HDPE and LDPE for the maximum lifespan of the systems. Your biogas installation will, in association with a good solar system will ensure absolute freedom from outside energy sources. All pipes and fittings are welded to ensure zero leakage of valuable gas.Cheric Energy does not use threaded pipe connections and couplings but use welded construction throughout. All Cheric Energy Biogas plant is 100% recyclable

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Ellies Renewable Energy

LED lighting; Inverters; charge controllers; and other low to medium cost solar equipment Ellies equipment includes a lower cost range of budget-friendly choices for short-term solar applications however it should be borne in mind some of this equipment in the lower range as in anywhere else is not true sine wave but is a modified sine wave and therefore the application of these items is limited

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Security fencing

Here Cheric Energy offers top quality brands like NEMTEK andGALAGER amongst others. We offer ceramic as well as plastic insulators, ceramic is ultra reliable as it cannot be damaged in grass fires and does not decompose in sunlight over time. All Cheric Energy fencing is stainless steel strand and thus it cannot rust and decompose over time, therefore, its lifespan is virtually endless.Cheric Energy can manufacture high-quality reliable electric gates operating off-grid or solar power.

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Wood Gas Reactor Technology

Having stated the cost efficiency of an engine previously, we can convert this gas to run entirely an engine powering a generator unit of substantial kilowatts for many hours at a time.Cheric Energy believes that their wood gas reactor design will indeed prove its own worth in short order. It is born of research into 4 of the most successful plants in the world today and the best features of each plant are incorporated into this one single unit…It can supply usable gases as well as heat water and airspace at the same time. All our wood gas reactors are built of stainless steel and ultra-modern refractory ceramics to give long, durable, reliable service in the safest possible environment. All by-products of the gasification are fully reusable and therefore this technology is as clean as it can possiblybe.

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