Vol 2 Issue 10 April 2018


NOT an April Fool joke - just plain old crazy!

Minimum order: 10 x 265-watt Renewsys SOLAR Panels for
*ONLY R1656.25 + VAT per panel!!
STRICTLY TEN DAYS ONLY- First day is almost over

Madness is cured at midnight on 14 April 2018


*Available for collection/delivery within 24 hours of pre-payment


Q: How do I know if I’m dealing with a solar expert?

A: Simply ask the brand of equipment he is offering, then phone that brand’s Head Office and ask if they know him and would they recommend him for your job. Other referrals can be bought.

Q: My friend has a 6.5 kVA inverter - will my 5 kW inverter have the same power?

A: One and the same. kVA is APPARENT power. kW is the ACTUAL power. (Microcare equipment is sold in kW – actual power) Don’t be fooled by kVA.

Q: My mate got a 2 kW inverter and it works for him, but I bought the same unit from the same place and it keeps tripping!

A: Your mate has less load on his machine. If it's rated at 10 Amps (kW/230 volts), all you can get from it is 10 Amps.

Q: I have a 12 volt 102 Amp hour battery. I am drawing 1 amp 230 volts. How long will the battery supply power?

A: Divide 230 volts by 12 volts = 19.2 conversion factor. 230 volts house power at 1 amp will then use 1 x 19.2 amps from the battery. Add 18% to this for conversion from DC to AC conversion losses. Your battery can safely deliver 30% of 102 amp hours. More than this will harm your battery permanently. So in effect, 102 Ah x 30% = 30.6 / 19.2 (+18%) = 25.1 Amps.

Divide 25.1 battery amps available by 19.2 conversion factor x 1 amp 230-volt power = 1.31 hours of 230-volt power at 1 Amp draw.

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