Vol 2 Issue 3 January 2018

Pump Water for FREE / Reduce your power bills without reducing your power consumption

This week, we tell you how to pump water for FREE! Solar power can be used to drive a STANDARD EVERY DAY borehole pump & even a swimming pool pump. One or more solar panels supply the DC power to a Variable Speed Drive (VSD). This unit turns the much higher DC voltage into a lower, controlled AC voltage at varying frequency to drive power through the pump motor. The speed of the motor varies from slower than normal in early morning to full speed at around 9 am till about 2.30 pm in the afternoon, slowing down again as sunlight weakens and then shuts down. The Microcare VSD is a multi-task unit, it has a number of protections built in such as no water or jammed pump, and even has capacity for automatic start and stop as the reservoir level goes up and down. It does this all day – every day.

Slash your power bill without cutting back on power use! Using a Grid Tied Inverter (GTI) to generate power from the sun and feed it into your house power, limiting the grid tied power from feeding back into the grid, could possibly even replace all grid power during the day, or produce a chosen lesser amount of power during the day, slashing your paid energy costs. Make sure to use Irons and other high draw items during high sun hours to benefit most out of your grid tied inverter system. The only drawback here is that if the grid power fails, so does your rooftop power.
So…..Enter the following…

Grid Tied Islanded System… This is your ultimate power supply system! The term “Islanded” means being fully independent of Grid power. This is achieved by using Grid Tied Inverter (GTI) on daytime use, rated at your system needs, but without the grid, Grid Tied Inverters DO NOT WORK because they need a reference voltage and frequency. Now this is solved by using the normal off grid Bi-Directional inverter with its batteries of similar size to the GTI unit on the roof to supply this reference, use a little of the GTI power to maintain its own batteries but most of the GTI’s power goes to the load. But the really cool thing here is that if the load suddenly increases in excess of the GTI capacity, the Bi-Directional inverter also jumps in to help, EFFECTIVELY DOUBLING the available power! And when the Sun has set, the Bi-Directional inverter draws battery power to supply your night time needs. 

Now you can’t get better than that. Total freedom from GRID power.

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