Vol 2 Issue 2 January 2018

What is Solar Power and HOW is it used?

This week we discuss some applications of SOLAR POWER.

Solar Power can be portable or fixed. But, correctly sized, it is fast becoming the standby power of necessity. Power outages are getting longer every time, leaving homes without security lights, alarms and other conveniences.

Home and business power: Low capacity standby AKA Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is common in the office environment to prevent data loss on grid power failure. But this is only for a short while, and then there is no more battery capacity, and it shuts down. Solar power can keep the office going by supplying charge power, and often times, supplying enough power to run the office without using the battery. Our ENTRY LEVEL unit has large capacity batteries and 3 solar panels for charging in emergencies, as well as being able to charge its batteries from grid power when it is restored if needed. This unit is modified sine wave, but it has time and again amazed our clients with its capabilities.

Off Grid: Off Grid power is fast becoming most desirable. It is defined as self-reliant free of grid power, and grid power is disconnected. We can offer from our entry level 1 kW unit above to many kW of power depending on the client’s needs. These units use up to date battery, inverter, charge controllers and solar panels.

Camping Power: Smaller 300 and 600 watt inverters are available and being Microcare units, are up to the task. Here we can supply the units with solar panels charge controller battery/s and inverter-(full sinewave). These units will supply camp lights, a small TV or a small camping fridge with ease.

Solar electric geyser: NO plumbing! NO ugly tubes on the roof! Retrofitted to your electric geyser, these units make a great saving and an excellent investment. 3 solar panels on the roof and optional grid power for night use

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