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Eskom OUT! Microcare 15 kW Off Grid inverter, Solar MD lithium battery 22kWh, 10,500 Watts solar panels,19 kVA generator on standby all fully integrated and automatic. ENTIRE farm off grid. BALGOWAN AREA KZN



Large four bedroomed home, workshop and warehouse now totally solar self-sufficient


OFF-GRID Home - 5 bedrooms with 8 residents (lithium batteries wall mounted)

Lithium batteries ( warranty 10 years and lifespan 18 - 20 years) vs lead-acid (warranty 1 - 2 years lifespan 4-8 years) 

RenewSys solar panels  lifespan 20+ years, Gas water geyser heaters



New two bedroomed, one bathroom home now 100% solar self-sufficient

(supports all normal functions of the home; 26 x lights, 1 x decoder, 2 x TV's, 1 x hi-fi system, 1 x fridge, 1 x cooking range extractor fan) and 1 x water pressure booster pump)

Cheric Energy installed a gas geyser for water heating purposes (this water heater can be converted to bio gas) 


This home 3 bedroomed, lounge, kitchen, 2 bathrooms and study has had no electrity for 20 years and is now off-grid and also has LED lighting


Temporary rural construction site power

Slowly going fully OFF-GRID


Project electrical rewiring of  Research Vessel in Durban Port


Tracing and rewiring of cables Connecting to 1st new DB 1st DB completed  
2nd DB board prior to rewiring 2nd DB board opened up 2nd DB rewired 2nd DB completed
 Both DB boards rewired Pulling out redundant cables in engine room Rerouting cables  


The making of a biodigester 

Video's of a Biodigester  

Other Cheric Energy projects and equipment

HDPE welding in progress on site

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