Vol 2, Issue 5 January 2018 


WHAT is an Inverter?

Inverters are used to generate HOUSE POWER from either batteries and solar panels or purely from solar panels.

The Microcare Inverter is a very robust Inverter. Its characteristic blocky blue profile belies its absolute ability to perform its intended task very efficiently. We think its Bomb Proof, sort of.

BUILT IN SOUTH AFRICA BY SOUTH AFRICANS FOR SOUTH AFRICAN CONDITIONS, it was never intended to be “Beautiful” – rather, it was designed to be functional, very robust, long lasting and forgiving.

Cheric Energy is proud to be a dealer field technician and installer of these magnificent machines. With a proven track record of over 45 years, Jimmy Catt and the team have again and again “made a plan” for owners and installers alike, ensuring availability, prompt delivery and regularly updated software. We kept Scott really busy with our sales over Christmas 2017!


The Microcare inverter runs at around 96% efficiency. It is a Pure Sinewave machine capable of driving very sensitive equipment flawlessly. Initially and still in its program, it was designed as a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), but it is fast becoming an inverter of choice for the renewable energy Off Grid lifestyle these days.

South Africa is a lightning prone country, and Eskom and Municipal power are oftentimes severely hit, resulting in long duration power outages. Properly installed, and correctly earthed, Microcare Bi–Directional inverters can ride out a lightning storm without missing a beat. We at Cheric Energy have witnessed this as a direct strike on the installation. We have replaced other brands that did not survive.

As a UPS, this unit can charge its own battery from either utility power OR a generator during extended power outages. The same applies to the Off-Grid application when Solar power replaces utility power.

Microcare inverter sizes are in KILOWATTS– ACTUAL power: eg: 5 kW. Most other inverters are marketed in kVA, an assumption of actual power. In reality, a 5 kVA inverter is only 4 KW in REAL power. (We have been called to many who have unfortunately fallen into the kVA trap). The kW rating is correct and an indication of the ACTUAL power of the inverter.

The robust design and very high-quality components in these inverters add up to a THREE YEAR warranty and being of local manufacture, there is no reason these units can last 20 years or more.

These and many more attributes are the reason Cheric Energy is proud to install a Microcare inverter exclusively –BY CHOICE, not any other reason


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