Water Energy Solutions

What is Water Energy?

Water covers the greatest area of the globe, but there is very little fresh drinkable water. This sounds like a contradiction, but it’s a solid fact. Sadly, the amount of water on the earth today is the only water we have. Water cannot be made or manufactured. It can be extracted at great expense from the evaporated water in the air or recycled, but it remains all the water we have.

Water weighs 1.1 Kg per litre. Distilled water weighs around 1 Kg per litre. It is this weight combined with the momentum that gives water energy. Water does not compress to a greater density, meaning it can be pumped at extreme pressures and is more frequently being used to cut steel at these ultra-high pressures. This method of cutting is cold and exact. Great volumes of running water can be channelled to give it greater force – enough force to power a water driven turbine for power, or mechanical energy.

Consider the grid power you use today. Unless its renewable power such as Solar or the wind; it's produced using the awesome power of water. Here’s how in a nutshell:

Hydro Power comes from vast amounts ducted water through a turbine vane which drives an alternator or loosely known as a generator. This can drive many megawatts of power.

Steam Power comes from superheated steam being directed to turbine blades which rotate, turning the alternator. This can create many GigaWatts of power. This steam is often generated by the archaic coal-fired boiler method, or of late; the newer riskier nuclear heat source method. In either form of heating, the energy doing the work is WATER simply because that’s what steam reverts back to.

In short, ANY MOVING WATER HAS LATENT ENERGY that can be harvested WITHOUT ACTUALLY CONSUMING a single drop.

Pros of Water Energy

  • Hydropower is very common and energy wise is hard to beat. Its force can be accurately calibrated. It’s a steady force to give a steady power supply. It's clean power.

Cons of Water Energy

  • Turbines are expensive to build and maintenance is constant. Water is scarcer by the day, and there is uneducated, unfounded suspicion causing un-based alarm that turbines use water, which they do not.

Our Water Energy options

Cheric Energy can manufacture small to medium size water power systems such as turbine or water wheel style energy generators, inline turbines and such like.

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