Wind Energy Solutions

What is Wind Energy?

Wind is the most unpredictable energy in the world today. It’s there or it’s not.  Having said this, when it’s there, it blows day and night, making it a viable method to charge batteries. There are very many methods of getting the wind to power turbine generators, with great variance in effectiveness, but to date, the most effective of these is propeller type blades which are long and as light as their construction can safely permit. As the wind attacks the propeller blades, they begin to rotate, in so doing rotating the turbine, which produces power. There is a vane behind the turbine, slightly offset so the full force of the wind can be deflected in order that the turbine does not over-speed and disintegrate. This has happened in the past with spectacular consequences. Notwithstanding this, it’s a clean form of energy, and wind will always be blowing somewhere. The wind will be around forever.

Applications are as follows: Sailing, Aircraft coming into land, electricity generation, mechanical power – Wind Mills and many more. The wind has been used for thousands of years. It’s even been used in warfare – mustard gas and pushing the enemy back with fire- provided the wind blows toward the enemy that is.

Pros of Wind Energy

  • Wind power is free energy, available when it’s windy. Using it is not making it less windy, nor does it use the wind up in any way. All that is used is the energy of the force and speed of this wind. Strong wind means very good power production.  The turbine does not consume the wind; it uses its energy. This means wind energy is really clean energy. There is a vast number of sailing vessels around the globe using wind to both sail and produce their power to charge their batteries from small wind turbines.

Cons of Wind Energy

  • Wind power although strong and abundant is not always available in usable amounts. We need backup systems to cope when the wind is not strong enough. On the other hand, if the wind is overly fast, it becomes extremely destructive, capable of destroying buildings, never mind flimsy by comparison wind turbines and their long towers. The wind can even uproot trees! Wind turbines have a very long pole like towers to get the turbine into the wind stream.

Our Wind Energy options

Cheric Energy can supply all types of wind turbines. And install them. Most common are the smaller sailing boat types, which work well enough at battery charging, as the large towers require expensive environmental impact studies, town planning permissions and engineer’s designs etc. which can be expensive.

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