Generators - Diesel and Petrol

Our Store Diesel or Petrol Generators (prices not listed due to fluctuations of currency so quotes are on request). E&OE:

We have access to a  wide choice of generators either, petrol and diesel that will work as a standby when you are either partially off-grid or full off-grid. The latter is used only in periods of no sun for a lengthy period and then only used to boost your batteries. The obvious choice is to look for a silent generator and choice an area for example in your garage which is ventilated. Our full-off grid installations have reported never having to use their generator but just once a week to start your generator purely to keep it healthy.

Because these days we have such a choice in generators either brand new or reconditoned Cheric Energy will supply you with options to suit your needs.

Cheric Energy also build customised housing for your generator should you required one.

GENERATOR PRICES ARE ON REQUEST due to the fluctuations of the SA currency



Small generator housing

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