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Laurie - KZN

We installed a system by Cheric in mid-2022 and I wish we took the plunge earlier. We first contacted Eric two years prior and we deliberated over the price and suffered under Eskom for longer than one should have to endure. There are plenty of installers and suppliers out there and it’s challenging to discern the various recommendations from the different installers. But Eric and his team spec excellent equipment with a long back-up warranty should service in the future ever be needed. Eric has been in electrics his whole life and his whole team certainly know what they’re doing. Our installation was quite complicated but Eric cleared the cobwebs of our complicated pre-existing electrical wiring.

We couldn’t be happier with our whole system. It’s very nice knowing that we don’t know when there’s load shedding. But more importantly, we have peace of mind that Eric’s on call to assist with anything our system might need.  

Margaret Ann Marson Chisholm.... recommends Cheric Energy - Servicing Pietermaritzburg, Midlands and North Coast

Very happy with the solar panel and invertor installed by Cheric Energy....apparently our power went off for about an hour yesterday and we didn't even notice as the invertor immediately kicked in!

I would highly recommend Eric Stratford and his team  




Hazel Lake  recommends Cheric Energy - Servicing Pietermaritzburg, Midlands and North Coast  29 June 20

Bridget Ringdahl recommends Cheric Energy - Servicing Pietermaritzburg, Midlands and North Coast

Carlos Gonzalez Vicente I'd like to add to the above that we are over the moon by having reached energy freedom (aka Eskom free


Cheric Energy - Servicing Pietermaritzburg, Midlands and North Coast Wow!

Thank you Bridget Ringdahl! I had no idea we made such an impression...and thank you so much! We have a passion about working with nature's awesome power. Eric Cheryl and our chuffed team.



Lynette Talbot  recommends Cheric Energy - Servicing Pietermaritzburg, Midlands and North Coast.

Our original Installation was done in March 2019. Been an absolute blessing to have had an alternate to Eskom. Great job done and admired by our whole community.. Had done our homework through many different Installers and Cheric came out tops in every single category,and looking back on the quality etc we are happy to have used them. It is now February 2020 and have Cheric once again to install more panels to take us off Eskom entirely.
And Cheric has once again come through with their expertise and Workmanship.
Well done to Eric and his Team!!!!!

Nonhlanhla Ntuli
★★★★★ 5 weeks ago
The user didn't write a review, and has left just a rating.


Mark Pitout re Cheric Energy -  2018 Servicing Pietermaritzburg, Midlands and North Coast - Ladysmith, KZN

We have now been off the grid since 2018 . It was a major step in life. 2017 Xmas and New year we had NO Eskom power for 9 days , this leaving us totally in the dark . Eric and Team thank you for this professional installation. I am very happy and can recommend Eric and teams work .

Cheric Energy - Servicing Pietermaritzburg, Midlands and North Coast Thank you Mark. It was a great pleasure to serve you. Look forward to assisting you on your next projects! YOU HAVE THE POWER!

Graeme Field -recommends Cheric Energy - Servicing Pietermaritzburg, Midlands and North Coast.

2 mins · October 2018 Treasure Beach, Durban

Warm, proffessional, efficient and hard working team.

Lemmington Mabaudi reviewed Cheric Energy - Servicing Pietermaritzburg, Midlands and North Coast – 5 star

27 February 2018

Many thanks and I am very delighted with the level of professionalism with a personal touch rendered.
Kalo Yan reviewed Cheric Energy - Servicing Pietermaritzburg, Midlands and North Coast – 5 star

Charmaine  & Chris Ballard reviewed Cheric Energy - Servicing Pietermaritzburg, Midlands and North Coast – 5 star

29 November 2017

What a pleasure working with the Cheric Energy Team!!! I recently had the privilege of Eric and Team performing an upgrade & installation of Micro Care and other Solar products at our premises in the Midlands. Key attributes of there services was their professionalism, high Skills level, Support & backup, creative thinking and ability to provide alternative and complex, out of the box type solutions to satisfy the customer, attention to detail and polished completed installation, all provided as a competitive and affordable solution.

There focus on Customer service is impressive to say the least and was demonstrated on a couple of occasions during this installation as he always answered his phone to field calls and placed already commissioned projects ahead of that he was busy with, in order to ensure his customers in need were prioritized.

Cheric Energy is now definitely part of my future planning for future upgrades and I will have no hesitation recommending their services to anyone, or any company, considering alternate energy solutions.

I look forward to a relationship with Cheric Energy long into the future.

Cheric Energy - Servicing Pietermaritzburg, Midlands and North Coast
REPLY: Gee, Thank You Charmaine and Chris! We thoroughly enjoyed our time on your project as evident with my men ribbing each other constantly and occasionally me too! i'm also very proud of them. Thanks for being really great people......I will be there again today for that extra circuit.




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Leonidas Hanos
★★★★★ 1 week ago The user didn't write a review, and has left just a rating.
Riaan Strydom
★★★★★ 6 weeks ago  The user didn't write a review, and has left just a rating.

Frans Booysen

1 review
★★★★★ 5 years ago

Cheric Energy has proven to be extremely knowledgeable and effective in providing a wide range of energy solutions. His advice and personal manor is commendable and i can recommend Eric for any energy solutions needed. Frans Booysen

Carrie Dangerhoff
1 review
★★★★★ 4 years ago
I contacted Cheric Energy for some assistance with fixing our solar panels that we had installed. Not only did I get great and speedy service, but Eric went over and above with what was asked. He not only fixed our panels but also installed new technology so that they wouldn't break again. Eric's knowledge is extensive and I would highly recommend the company.

Lefteri Galanis
2 reviews・5 photos

★★★★★ 2 years ago

Wow, where do I start - Cheryl & Eric really are two of the most amazing people around.. Their knowledge and expertise in their field is second to none & I recommend them to all my Friends & Family.. Cheryl & Eric give of themselves in all that they do and make their clients welfare their priority.. "Thank You CHERIC ENERGY for Your amazing Service and Friendship!"

Response from the owner 2 years ago

Thank you so much XXXX

Leo Schler
1 review
★★★★★ 2 years ago
If you want a cost effective tailor made solar energy solution, Eric is your man. It's very easy to throw a lot of money (if you have it) at an energy/Escom problem. However, with a bit of an imagination, expertise and a slight change in lifestyle, Eric will give you the best value for money and savings for the future. His personal interest in my particular problem is what I got. Thanks Eric.

Nicole May
1 review
★★★★★ 5 years ago
Im thrilled! We live on a farm in Ashburton, our business runs from the same premises and we have several staff staying on the property. Further to this we are running a pool and a borehole pump. As I sit here and write this review from our offices / warehouse, our Eskom mains switch is OFF. Everything is running directly from our solar panels. Eric has proven to be extremely knowledgeable and has gotten us off the grid with no hitches.. he has been available 24/7 for queries and any other electrical problems we have had on the farm. His staff are of a high calibre and I would certainly recommend Cheric Energy to anyone looking to resolve any electrical problems or to move over to solar. I have also seen Eric's Biodigester and am sold on having him build one for us here. Imagine... cooking with gas from dog doo and scraps! It just cant get better than that!

Prince Mkhize
1 review
★★★★★ 4 years ago
This is truely an amazing story.... We had been extremely frustrated with finding the right poeple or company to help us power our new home that is built in an area that is completly off the grid. Just when I was about give up I then decided to try my luck and check on the internet. I could not believe the amount and the quality of information that I found from Cheric Energy website. In just a couple of munites I was completely educated and understood everything about solar. The system that was later provided and fitted in our home is amazing. The support and customer care that Cheric Energy is providing us on an ongoing basis is unbelievable. The product that was given to us has truly changed our lives and everyday is a blessing. We now have full electricy in our home and we are now able to live comfortably. Over and above that, the company also fitted a gas gyser that is working perfectly beyond expectation. All this was done in quite a reasonable and affordable price. I would realy recommend and encourage other households to contact Cheric Energy and get back control of your life.

Response from the owner 2 years ago
Prince thank you so much and we will continue to be available to you and your family at anytime should you require further assistance in your change of lifestyle.
change of lifestyle.

Nelius De Lange
3 reviews
★★★★★ 2 years ago
Good, honest advice

Response from the owner 2 years ago
Thank you Nelius


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