Agricultural Energy Options and Solutions

Our Green Finger compatriots

A few farmers operate CENTRE PIVOT irrigation systems. They cost a mountain of money to operate- so why not use the LATENT energy in the delivery pipe to power your farm for free whilst you are paying for the power it normally uses for the irrigation for two or more days?

Dairy farmers- Swine farmers- poultry and other animal farmers can convert their manures and unutilized stover and other wasted feed for biogas production to power a generator up to 225 Kw, and gas to fire for cooking, heating and sanitising. This process creates wastewater as a nutrient rich, bacteria reduced odour free fertiliser which is much more efficient than just pumping and spreading it out on the pastures.

Farmers under immense pressure

Today the problems faced by farmers are getting more complex. Security, loss of subsidy, cheap imports, rapidly rising fuel costs, dairy price pressures and the list goes on. The farmer is constantly on the back foot!

Eskom; Eskom; Eskom! This parastatal is getting worse by the day, compensating for income loss from load shedding by raising prices. With childish terminology such as “WAR ROOM” - what else can you expect? We don’t want to get started on this because the absolute BS that is being published is merely a major smoke screen. In short, you can expect NO relief from operations losses through power failures in the foreseeable future.

Look at the energy lying idle on YOUR farm

Animal Husbandry: A LOT of BS lying around in the kraals and milk parlour. This stuff is seriously good– not the useless BS produced in copious amounts by the government.  Animal (and human) excreta is very rich in bacteria which can produce energy. ALL dung. Most effective droppings are Cattle; Swine; chicken; geese & ducks; horses.

Water: Many farmers irrigate with centre pivot irrigation systems or other large stationary pump irrigation systems. The delivery pipe stores a lot of latent energy. These pipes can be modified to take turbine generators which can power a house or workshop for the time that the pump is delivering its pressure. This does not drop the volume of water delivered - it makes it more efficient.

Sunlight: Huge amounts of it. Solar energy is not “pie in the sky” stuff, it's real and it's powerful. AND IT IS FREE!

Wind: Er… when it blows, but can produce good enough energy to power a turbine to pump out free power. The most common wind power currently is centuries old windmill, and now, power can be easily generated.

Our Agricultural Energy Solutions

Security and Perimeter Fencing Solutions

Cheric Energy installs high-quality stainless steel electrical fencing; electrified gates and other access control. All these items can be powered either by solar, grid or combination from small to larger projects.

Biogas Digester Solutions

Biogas digesters designed and manufactured to your particular requirements will ensure a steady supply of biogas safely and efficiently. Cheric Energy produces digesters and storage vessels from HDPE and LDPE for a maximum lifespan of the systems. Your biogas installation will, in association with a good solar system will ensure absolute freedom from outside energy sources. All pipes and fittings are welded to ensure zero leakage of valuable gas. Cheric Energy does not use threaded pipe connections and couplings but use welded construction throughout. Cheric energy also supplies LP gas or biogas geysers.

Wood Gas Reactor Solutions

Cheric Energy can custom-build your wood gas reactor to suit your requirements. Our wood gas generator design uses stainless steel and high-temperature ceramic components, and we truly believe it is far more efficient than fossil fuel despite the 70% power reduction, in that it can produce hot air as well as very hot water in a single unit.

Wind Energy Options

Wind is the most unpredictable energy in the world today. It’s there or it’s not.  Having said this, when it’s there, it blows day and night, making it a viable method to charge batteries. There are very many methods of getting the wind to power turbine generators, with great variance in effectiveness, but to date, the most effective of these is propeller type blades which are long and as light as their construction can safely permit. As the wind attacks the propeller blades, they begin to rotate, in so doing rotating the turbine, which produces power.

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