Vol 1, Issue 1 October 2017 


The runaway Eskom machine and Municipalities that have “Lost The Plot"

Growing greed and m/management in our parastatal/s are sadly becoming more the norm than the exception. Eskom is riddled with a backpedalling board as its, is trying to squeeze another 19% out of us

The Msunduzi Municipality is building (or intends to do), a really expensive Counc// Headquarters. This, despite a massive outcry about seriously aged power and water infrastructure as well as but not least, critical rural housing and low-cost housing issues.

Standby systems hardwired into the buildings wiring system instantly come online the moment the power grid fails. Grid-tied systems reduce the overall power bill substantially, whilst full "off-grid"

systems are always the best way to say goodbye to these runaway parastatals. We at Cheric Energy will gladly assist in establishing your unique needs, and help you choose the power and i or gasifier system best suited ›'or you. Our MD has many years experience in the industrial power field.


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