Biogas Digester Solutions

What is a Biogas Digester (Biodigester)?

A Biodigester works by fermenting waste materials in oxygen depleted (ANAIROBIC) environments. Bacteria breed in this rotting medium, and special methane excreting bacteria in the medium excrete gas called Methane. Manufactured methane is known to be super clean and burns very well.

Biogas digesters can be relatively simple or very complex items. They can be built out of concrete and brick, plastic tubular ducting or like ours, high grade HDPE. In all cases biogas is biogas, just the quality and quantity varies. They can be surface mounted or underground situated. In all the above, a gas collector needs to be erected to store the manufactured gas.

Biogas digesters can handle anything that can rot basically. Stuff like Manures, kitchen wastes, tissues, paper, cardboard, oil etcetera. But they cannot process solids such as pits, bones sand and the like.

Biodigesters can provide vast amounts of useable gases primarily for cooking and heating, and if sufficiently collected, the gas can even power a small to moderate sized engine.

Pros of Biogas Digesters

  • Biogas Digesters can reduce vast amounts of decomposable wastes being sent to landfill sites, and thus great volumes of Methane gas are prevented from uncontrolled release to the atmosphere. The digestate (spent feed) is liquid, and can be sprayed directly onto crops or fallow lands, boosting carbon and nitrogen and other micro nutrients in the soil.

  • Biogas digesters are also very efficient in destroying Pathogens of most types, the digestate thus ensuring the safest fertiliser one can get.

  • Biogas is a very clean gas, as it burns with a barely perceptible blue flame with no yellow/orange tinges.

Cons of Biogas Digesters

  • Biogas Digesters need regular feeding and agitating to prevent crust formation from decomposition taking place from within the digester.

Our Biogas Digester options

Cheric Energy Biodigesters are custom built. They are made of fully recyclable HDPE in our own workshop, from virgin HDPE flat sheets. We offer surface standing floating drum type units with collector volumes from 1m³ up to 4m³ capacities. We offer underground Biodigesters up to 6m³ with partially buried floating drum collectors to suit production of the digesters. Our units are not unsightly, and the surface mounted unit takes up a 1.2m x 1.2m square base up to a 2.5m x 2.5m square base. All fittings on the plant are welded and only the pipework to the building is flange and threaded. Hydrogen sulphide scrubber and safety anti-flashback bubbler is standard on all models. Upmarket models have stirrer mechanisms to break crust formation within the digester.

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