Security and Perimeter Fencing Solutions

What is a Security and Perimeter Fencing?

Security and perimeter fencing is first defence of your property. A person of ill intent needs to penetrate this fencing in order to gain access to your property. This fence ideally will hamper normal efforts to pass through without detection or injury. (With luck on your part and stupidity on the crook’s part, he will get hooked on a barb and turn into biltong by the time he gets found). But we all know this is rarely the case.

There are basically two types of security fencing, Passive and Active.

Passive fencing is rigid and can be wooden, concrete, wire or palings made of steel. No warning of breach to these fences is given and you can get a rather nasty surprise visitor.

Active fencing is flexible but drawn tightly and strained by spring tensioners. It is electrified with around 7000 to 9000 volts DC. It is energy controlled and limited to power that will not be lethal, but will be very uncomfortable.

Breaching this fence causes the voltage references to drop, and this sets an alarm siren blaring to warn of the said breach. This fence comprise of up to 21 strands of wire insulated from the earth. In between these live wires are alternately earthed wires. The fence can take substantial abuse, but as with all things can be breached but not without a lot of noise.

Perimeter fencing is commonly found around houses and businesses in towns and cities. It’s usually not electrified. Security fences can also be found here, but usually they protect high value sites such as warehouses and shops, farms and livestock. Security Fences are usually electrified.

Pros of Security and Perimeter Fencing

  • Electric fencing is becoming more necessary now than ever before. Perimeter fencing is no longer a guarantee of safety. Well laid out security fencing can have CCTV cameras triggered by the alarm or constantly monitoring the premises. This is one of the safest fencing types available to the public today.

  • These units can be powered either by grid power or Solar power.

Cons of Security and Perimeter Fencing

  • Security and perimeter fencing needs regular examination and repair.

  • Electrified fencing requires that there is no chance of nuisance contact from plants and debris to short it out and cause false alarms.

Our Security and Perimeter Fencing options

Cheric Energy can erect very high grade stainless steel electrified fencing at competitive rates. All our fences use well defined name brand components with well proven track records. Stainless steel has little risk of decomposition in situ, is moderately high tensile and does not stretch. It’s stainless nature means it’s always clean and bright, ready to strike with maximum power permissible at all times.

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