Inverter Solutions

What is an Inverter?

An inverter is a device which takes a small voltage such as a battery voltage and converts this small voltage to a higher voltage such as house power.

Inverters are common in very many configurations in everyday appliances, telecommunication installations and suchlike.

Different types of inverters are available, but space here is limited, so we will concentrate on utility power here only. This type is a step up inverter converting battery or solar power to a much higher power level and changing it from Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC) for use on appliances.

Off Grid” or “camping” inverter.

First off and by far the most common of this type is the “Off Grid” or camping inverter which can be fixed or portable if small enough to do so. It requires battery, wind or solar power to feed it. It is an excellent choice for power where no other power is available, or to reject grid power due to unit cost being too expensive. It is a Renewable Energy Device.

 Grid Tied Inverter

Growing in popularity and because it can generate power back into the national grid network is the newer technology “Grid Tied Inverter” which only generates power in the daytime. It gets fed from a large array of solar panels only. This power can be all used in the building or partially injected to the national grid to earn credit. It is a Renewable Energy Device.

 “UPS” (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

This inverter gets plugged into the grid power. It charges its own batteries and remains inactive till the grid power fails. It instantly switches itself on, keeping the power flowing with no interruption; drawing supply power from its batteries.

Pros of Inverters

  • Inverters are excellent clean power devices. They are for the most part very reliable and are generally a better option than generator power with very little running costs. Unlike generators which use huge amounts of fuel.  Inverters are more reliable and are Clean Energy Devices with ZERO emissions.

Cons of Inverters

  • Inverters require substantial battery capacity to perform at their best. Good quality inverters are not cheap.

Our Inverter options

Cheric Energy can offer just about any type of inverter. We are experienced and trained by all our suppliers.

We offer:

MODIFIED SINEWAVE units for use as a basic power supply for lights and fans etcetera. This is raw power, as the AC waveform is generated as a series of pulses and some devices do not function well on this type of inverter. It is the cheapest of the inverters.

FULL SINEWAVE units for full all types of use as the sine-wave is created as a smooth transition throughout the sinewave. These units produce extremely smooth power making for a very long life expectancy of lamps and appliances.

GRID TIED inverters for high daytime demand and no night time demand. These can be used also in the micro-generation to the grid if applicable in your area for resale or credit.

We do not only supply these units, but we can install each in the correct manner for you to gain optimal use of your unit

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