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Cheric Energy - Solar Energy, Biogas Energy, Electrical Energy - KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa - Off-Grid Power Solutions
South African Energy

With a growing population and declining electrical energy supply, South Africans need to start making alternative plans for their energy needs.
Cheric Energy - Solar Energy, Biogas Energy, Electrical Energy - KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa - Off-Grid Power Solutions
Natural Elements

There are many choices for electrical energy generation systems. Solar, wind, biogas, wood gas and water energy. These options are carbon emission free.
Cheric Energy - Solar Energy, Biogas Energy, Electrical Energy - KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa - Off-Grid Power Solutions
Fossil Fuel

We supply and install fossil fuel (petrol, diesel, natural gas) generators, though these are carbon maker units and are noisy enough to spark neighbourly warfare, emit greenhouse gases and carbons.


WE HAVE THE POWER !... keeping carbon emissions at the absolute minimum

Cheric Energy is making a difference to peoples lives, not only financially but environmentally too. We consult, supply, install and commission small to large projects providing off-grid and standby power solutions.

Energy Solution Services

Energy Solutions Services

Cheric Energy will install inverters & solar controllers (we are accredited distributors and installers for the whole of KZN for SUNSYNK, GEYSERWISE, MICROCARE), LED lighting, solar panels and much more. We are also accredited distributors and installers for SolarMD for lithium batteries. Installing, borehole pumps, biogas digesters, wood gas reactors, water-feature pumps, customised ram pumps, off-grid or on-grid electric fencing, electric gates, and more. Cheric Energy is a supplier of LP gas, biogas geysers and solar-electric geysers. Cheric Energy is a one-stop shop that is passionate about the environment and saving the consumer their hard-earned money.
Energy Options

Energy Options

Cheric Energy provides you with advice and options to power your needs using solar energy, water energy, wind energy, generators, hydrogen energy, biogas energy, and wood gas reactors (gasifiers).
Agricultural Energy Options

Agricultural Energy Options

Farmers are under immense pressure and need to look at the energy lying idle on their farms. Cheric Energy provides agricultural energy solutions to suit farmers needs which include biogas digesters, wood gas reactors (gasifiers), wind energy options, and security and perimeter fencing solutions. Cheric Energy have taken farms off-grid and the farmers have never looked back.
Our Store

Our Store

In our store, you will find information on our products such as solar components, batteries, biodigesters, generators and LED lighting,


Servicing the South African and Central African market from Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu-Natal

Cheric Energy concentrates on off-grid and standby energy solutions. Our focus encompasses the solar energy market and the less familiar Hydro Carbon (fossil fuel) fuel generator technology.

The solar industry has made significant improvements in efficiency over the years and as a result, Cheric Energy recommends that the use of solar energy be incorporated into the current power supply as a backup system in times of power outages or to go completely off-grid. In our estimation, a professionally installed and commissioned installation can reduce costs from day 1 and recover installation costs over a period of 2-3 years. With an estimated lifespan of 15-25 years, this could represent a significant economic benefit to your business and home. 

Cheric Energy constantly keeps abreast of new age techno developments, and are actively exploring the mostly untapped hydrogen field. Zero emissions are high on our agenda. Cheric Energy endeavours to source locally manufactured products wherever possible, and if not, only trusted name branded parts, that have a known and proven backup service.

About Us

A few words from Eric Stratford (MD & TD) - a qualified electrical technician in his own right

"I began at the ripe age of 16 years in my apprenticeship quest. I have over many years specialised in difficult tasks, explored the outer fringes of electrical energy, and scraped my ego a few times on the way but learned things never taught at colleges. I have over the last few years got rather demoralised in the drop in standards commonplace in many installations and more importantly in our supply authorities. Further, into this site, you will be able to reap insights and good advice regarding investing in vast fields of free energy sources.

To be perfectly honest…nothing is truly free, it goes against the law of the universe. You have to buy the equipment to harvest the free energy, and you need to maintain it. But friends, the power or energy you get from your investment is truly cheap enough to say it’s free. Further down on this page you will find how much you will pay over the expected lifespan of your solar installation of 29 years. I designed the calculator, could not believe the result, tested the figures and sat back in utter amazement! I would over this time have paid the supply authority 5.2 million! Comparatively, my total expected costs including maintenance of my solar off-grid system is a mere 0.3 million.17 times cheaper than the supply authority costs! No more power cuts, no more worry at month end-to-end utility fee money. Go through the figures yourself and be prepared to get well and truly awoken to how much you lose paying utility money. We are blessed in Africa with astounding sunlight for long hours, wind and river flow. Correctly harvested, these forms of energy are not wasted, they return to normal after supplying energy and thus, this energy is indeed 100% sustainable infinitely.  Greenhouse gases are a major problem worldwide, and every home that goes off-grid saves the world from thousands of tons of carbon annually.

Biogas is potentially available in every home in the world, burns clean, is odourless. It can be burnt as heating fuel for cooking and water heating, converted fossil-fueled engines which burn clean and the residues from the digesters are absolutely usable as pure unmodified fertiliser.

Can YOU afford to risk over the next few years to eat vegetables that no longer supply their nutrients naturally? A huge benefit of these digesters is that there is potential for reduction in sewage plant water pollution in streams and rivers. The biodiversity of cleaner rivers and streams are then able to recover and flourish”... Eric Stratford

A few words from Cheryl Chisholm (DIR / Project Manager) - a qualified DTP Specialist

"I have worked in the stockbroking industry, in research for over 20 years as a Desk Top Publisher Specialist and research coordinator. After leaving the corporate world behind in Johannesburg and relocating to Pietermaritzburg, I joined Cheric Energy as a partner to use my organisational, design, and marketing skills to back up a company I am proud to be a part of. I am able to put my vast research experience to good use in the form of constant energy resource investigation because whether we like it or not the current Eskom debacle together with climate change, is not likely to improve and in fact can only get worse. I am also proud of our on-site team and that our clients comment upon their professionalism and happy disposition whilst they work. This is what Cheric Engery aims for ...happy team happy clients"...Cheryl Chisholm


We are primarily servicing the solar energy and biogas market, concentrating on off-grid and standby power

Understandably, there are those who view this form of standby energy as “Pie in the Sky” dreams. We do also cater for this market, in the form of Hydro Carbon fuel (biomass) generator technology.

Although the solar industry has made some major improvements in efficiency, there are some instances where it still falls short, as in heavy duty engineering tool power supply. Here a generator of some power is recommended, but solar is slowly gaining ground here, too.

South Africa has at present got a flailing supply utility, and the country is regularly exposed to power cuts called “blackouts” as the utility struggles to keep its head above water. Regular assurances of “stable” are made only to be contradicted shortly after. This is killing the economy, costing businesses billions of rand and demoralising the population. The fact is that this is unlikely to change in the next few years. The utility is expanding its grid faster than it can generate power to feed it, and even as its new power facilities come on stream, there is ever greater demand.

We have the answer - GO OFF-GRID and TAKE BACK YOUR LIFESTYLE AND PROFITS. Use solar, water, biogas, wood gas, and wind and generated power. It’s never been so vital to survival. Although it is expensive initially, the cost of a good installation is recovered in savings within 2 to 3 years, and as parts in most installations last between 15 and 29 years, this represents a very significant economic benefit.

Research and sourcing

We are constantly following up on new-age techno developments, and are exploring the mostly untapped hydrogen field, and this is very promising. Zero emission. Just good old-fashioned water – from whence it came to which it reverts.

Cheric Energy strives to use locally made units wherever it is possible (currently 95%) and where not, we source trusted name brand parts that have known and proven backup service. We strive to be all South African-made suppliers and have no doubt that this can come to be in time.

We don’t want to be the biggest – we strive only to be the best

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