General Maintenance Solutions

What is General Maintenance?

General maintenance is defined herein as preventative maintenance of plant and machinery to limit future breakdowns from occurring. Maintenance is done in all fields from vehicles to buildings, factories and electrical installations.

General maintenance is a cost to account, yes, but it saves a lot more costs if unmaintained items break, by the time of breakdown the repair cost is so high, it will be wiser to replace. Maintained plant or items will have predictable countermeasure repairs done as they occur in small incidents.

Solar installations are no exception, they need cleaning, servicing the batteries and tweaking on a maintenance schedule.

Pros of General Maintenance

  • Simply put: major breakdown aversion. Limits cost of breakdown in form of loss of time, loss of production etcetera.

Cons of General Maintenance

  • Costs but these are not regular.

Our General Maintenance options

Cheric Energy can offer maintenance to solar, electric fence and electrical installations. All our staff members are very competent, and are diligent.

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