Off-Grid Power Solutions

What exactly is Off-Grid?

Off Grid means a form of self-reliance from living without relying upon another outside input. It is a coined phrase, but subsistence living would not be a fair, accurate description of this choice of lifestyle.

For many of us today, this type of lifestyle is becoming more and more attractive. One only needs to look at the current escalation in Eskom tariffs, rising far above the threshold of inflation. This is the reason we are shouting out OFF GRID IS GREAT!


Off Grid power is fairly expensive to install, but it’s a once off investment in a predictable power supply generating savings in utility bills. Once installed and commissioned, SOLAR power is reliable and can be very efficient indeed. Batteries today are more efficiently engineered and can last many years. Inverters and solar charging circuitry identify the battery charge characteristics and charge and discharge the batteries in a much defined manner, not allowing them to be discharged below a safe threshold. Solar panels today have guarantees of up to 29 years, at which time they will still be pumping out 80% of their original power rating FOR FREE.


Biogas is an amazing source of absolutely free energy. It is generated from nothing other than your kitchen waste, old papers, garden weeds and animal waste such as dung. Fed daily, and correctly maintained, the bioreactor will produce gas for many years to come... FOR FREE.

Pros of Off-Grid Power

  • You are controlling your own environment.

  • You are not polluting the earth’s delicate ecological balance.

  • No bills from utility supplies company for power.

  • Your household waste is not polluting the earth, or our atmosphere.

  • A new lifestyle, interesting to learn how to live with predictable power.

  • Big savings can be banked as this is an investment rather than an expense.

Cons of Off-Grid Power

  • Initial heavy expense.

  • Limits to power draw.

  • Effort of about an hour per day to feed Bioreactor and agitate to break digestate crud.

Our Off-Grid Power options

Cheric Energy custom builds EVERY single installation to be user specific. We erect solar arrays and inverter installations according to our supplier specifications. We blend the performance characteristics of each individual part in order to achieve a fault free fully operational power source that compliments itself efficiently as a whole.

Cheric Energy biogas reactors are custom built for each application taking available sources of biomass into our first design building block. The reactors and piping are built of brand new sheets of HDPE plastic, capable of lasting more than 10-15 years.

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