Backup Energy Solutions

What is Backup Energy?

Backup Energy can be described best as a secondary independent energy source that can be drawn upon in times of need more or less at will.

Various types of backup energy can be obtained from generators, batteries, solar power, wood, gas, water, wind and most often, oil.

Backup energy is used primarily upon failure of the primary source of energy usually utilised. It is most often found in power critical applications such as hospitals, data generating organisations such as telephone utilities, military, airports, underground mines, high rise buildings etc. Lately, even domestic homes are utilising backup power.

Pros of Backup Energy

  • Backup energy is convenient.

  • Backup energy is a good way of ensuring critical applications can be assured of operation in event of power failures.

  • Most importantly, backup energy is an essential way of ensuring light and security is not compromised when there is a power failure.

Cons of Backup Energy

  • Backup energy is expensive, as great cost is encountered in purchasing something that will usually sit idle for days, weeks, or even months before it is urgently needed. In this time, it needs to be maintained, fuel needs to be refreshed, batteries need to be constantly freshly charged etc.

  • Especially for generators, they are very heavy to move about.

  • Generators are although convenient, extremely noisy and are carbon generators of note.

  • They are also very noisy, even when termed as "silent".

  • Backup energy needs to be set up to work when needed, many times when it is already dark. Or raining etc. And it's usually at these times you realise that you have not maintained the system whilst it was standing idle, and it battles to start, or does not start at all.

Our Backup Energy options

Cheric Energy can provide the following backup energy solutions:


Generators of high grade, petrol or diesel operated, silent or open framed. We price on requiremens for each installation.



Microcare solar components

We can provide standby inverters AKA Un-Interruptible Power Supply (UPS) that charge from mains power till needed
Microcare accredited installers and distributors for the whole of KZN


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